Our Culture

Some people hate their jobs. We don't hire those people.

We hire people who want what a career with Sixt offers:

  • One word: Excitement! We get the job done and have a great time doing it –with beer, parties, competitions, prizes and more

  • Quality reputation. We’ve met the highest standards of customer service around the globe, since 1912—making us a favorite among travelers

  • We give back through The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation


We don’t operate as other companies do. We follow our own rules. We are obsessed with the desire to improve every day. We are committed to our work and our customers. We want to generate excitement. Satisfaction alone is not enough. We scrutinize everything and strive to get the best product. We never give up even if we may fail at times. We always remain Sixt. With fire, herzblut and performance. Now, and in the future.


Everyone has ‘em. If not, you should get some. They’ve been an important part of upholding our culture, companywide for over 100 years.

In the words of Erich Sixt, “Good is not good if better is expected.”

Sixt believes in the power of innovation. We don't need a crystal ball to recognize the customer and employee needs of tomorrow. We have the Sixt sense, which has enabled us to thrive for over a century.

We value flexibility. Some of us are yogis, but that’s not the type of flexibility we’re referring to. We mean being able to adapt to different cities, states and countries – as well as new technologies.

Cultural diversity: We hire people from all over the world. We’re all bright minds working towards the same goals. You’ll be surrounded by friendly, welcoming peers. Because your success makes them look good too!

Boring is not acceptable. We prefer excitement, every single day. So sure, we’ll work hard as hell. But we’ll have fun doing it.

You expect it, and so do our customers. Premium service is our standard.

We strongly encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. We love people who take action and show us how much horsepower they’ve got!

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