Management Trainees

Interested in building a network by meeting people from all over the country—scratch that, the WORLD?! How about hands-on experience to develop your business and sales skills? Would you like breaking out of your comfort zone and engaging your entrepreneurial spirit at the ground level of one of the most expansive and cutting-edge companies in the U.S.? Then your new game plan should be to become a Management Trainee for Sixt!

Trainees are among the most proficient and innovative assets we have. After graduating from the program, each Trainee has the opportunity to open or take over their very own branch and create a new consumer market in a fresh location. They are given responsibility for a team and tasks, including being the face of their very own business—it’s up to them how to make it grow!

Meet some of our program grads



Favorite rotation: Orlando airport. It was exciting to see families from all over the world so happy about going to Disney.

Best restaurant: Café Tu Tu Tango. This is an artsy restaurant with a unique and fun atmosphere.

Must see/do: Visit Epcot and Universal.

Favorite car in the Sixt fleet: Mercedes-Benz SLK250, a very sexy 2-seater convertible.

Favorite part about current position: Every day is different. It’s very busy—never boring. I’m always on the move!



Favorite rotation: Malaga and Marbella, Spain. Sixt provided me my first opportunity to visit Europe!

Best restaurant: Burger King, believe it or not.

Must see/do: Visit Tarifa, Spain. This is where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean and the skies are filled with kites from kite surfers.

Favorite car in the Sixt fleet: BMW i8.

Favorite part about current position: I get to travel quite frequently and work with a great team.

Career Progression

There is no set path for our trainees. With hard work, you too can jump the ranks.

Still not sure what you’re getting yourself into? Let us explain…

Program Details

  • 6-12 month PAID training program
    • You could be promoted sooner than you think!
    • Day-to-day operations and hands-on training
    • Projects to develop your abilities
    • Training programs and workshops
  • Phases:
    1. Sales
    2. Customer Service
    3. Managerial
  • By the end of the program, you will master:
    • Strategic business development
    • Sales management
    • Pricing analysis and cost management
    • Branch profitability management
    • Staff management
    • Customer service management
  • Exam time! Based on the results of this exam, you’ll be promoted to Junior Branch Manager or Branch Manager or receive additional training. From there, perform and you too can shift your career into high gear!

  • Who is the “ideal” trainee?
    • College grad with 3.0 GPA or higher
    • Open to relocation, with no set destination in mind
    • Competitive and loves a challenge
    • Natural leader.

So where does the international component come in?

Our top performers have the opportunity to travel abroad, training in one of our established European branches. We told you it was competitive…

TRavel destination map


Rotations: Miami Airport, South Beach, Atlanta Airport, Los Angeles Airport, Detroit Airport and Berlin Tegel Airport for 2 weeks.

Best restaurants: So many in Berlin… I went somewhere different every night and had some amazing döner kebabs.

Must see/do: In Berlin, it’s a Fat Tire Bike ride. Tour the whole city for 4 hours and learn the history. Climb to the top of the “Chick on the Stick” aka Golden Else. It’s a huge climb, so bring water. But the view is amazing. You can see 4 major parts of the city, and the detail of the art on the Golden Else is out of this world!

Favorite car in the Sixt fleet: Mercedes-Benz ML.

Favorite part about current position: Exploring new cities, seeing different Sixt locations. This really helped me see how things can be done differently to have a great branch. Also, taking advice and learning from my supervisors and other branch managers has been very helpful.

TRavel destination map


Rotations: Seattle Pike Place, Orlando, Miami Beach 5th Street and London. I’d never been to Europe—it was a great experience spending 2 weeks there!

Best restaurants: Seattle: depends on your taste—lots of amazing food. Orlando: Cheddars! Miami Beach: Panzerotti’s. London: The Pheasant or Harrods.

Must see/do: Seattle: hike, watersports, eat, the bars. Orlando: theme parks, alligator adventures, swim with manatees, bar scene. Miami Beach: relax at the nice hotels, beach, day parties, scuba, clubs. London: tours around the city, clubs, art events, museums, exploring the countryside.

Favorite car in the Sixt fleet: BMW 428 & Mercedes-Benz ML.

Favorite part about current position: I’m 22 and I run a business. If you want a change in your life, this position will bring it!

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