Fleet Managers

There is no cubicle for this job. Instead, you’re the mastermind who coordinates the maintenance and repair process of our fleets. And currently at more than 500 cars, that puts you in charge of about $15 million in company assets.

Along with up to three assistants, Fleet Managers work with Airport Market Managers and General Managers in the operation and maintenance of the fleet department. So, if a customer wrecks a BMW 328? You’ll handle that. Mercedes needs an oil change? Yep, you. Warranty issues on 20 SUVs? Bingo.

The beauty of being a Fleet Manager is that every day is different. You’ll interact with a variety of people at shops all over the place. In Nick’s words you’ll, “Have the opportunity to build relationships with vendors, so you can begin to trust the quotes they give and the work they do. Once you have these relationships established, you can get Sixt the best price for the job.

Nick, Fleet Manager

“As the Fleet Manager for Fort Lauderdale, I send certain vehicles to certain shops for maintenance and others to other shops, depending on what I need done. But it’s not just a fleet position... at Sixt there are so many opportunities for growth. I’ve had the opportunity to train at other locations and when it comes to my next position, the sky is the limit!”

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